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Monday, February 4, 2013

Food journal

I've either been slacking off, or my life has been super chaotic, or I've been slacking off because my life has been super chaotic! If you follow me on facebook, you may have noticed that we have been moving. Downsizing from a 5500 sq ft house, to 2200 sq ft. Also you may have noticed that I am no longer working. Over the last year, I realized that chasing after money, success, and material things divides a family like nothing else. And that these things are so unfulfilling and come with a price that is paid by the ones you love the most. This may not be true for everyone, but I have learned that chasing a life of luxury causes selfishness and spoiled attitudes in children and adults, and really gets your priorities all jacked up. So my husband and I decided to make a huge lifestyle change and walk away from that way of life. I am excited and happy to see the closeness and positive changes that are coming from redirecting my priorities. energy, and attention to the things that can not be replaced. I am very blessed and fortunate to be married to a Godly man that cares about his family and would do anything for us. This is completely unrelated to fitness, but I wanted to share the beginning of a new chapter in my life that I am excited about with you, and explain what's kept me away from writing.

Back to fitness! Do you keep a food journal? Do you even know how? If you do, are you religious about it? Do you log EVERY LITTLE THING YOU CONSUME? Or do you tell yourself "it was just 6 fries, I don't need to count it"....?

If you don't keep a food journal, today is the day to start. You will find success, accountability, and learn about your own habits and mistakes more from a food journal than anything else. There are several websites available now. You don't have to carry around a notebook and pencil with you anymore to keep your food consumption logged. I have tried several, and I recommend myfitnesspal. This one, like most, also has a smartphone app available that is super easy to use. It is also very handy when eating in restaurants and really helps you learn things about what you're eating. It has breakdowns that show you your fat/carb/protein ratio, lets you connect with friends, and even tells you how many calories you need to consume to meet your personal goals. The barcode scanner makes it even easier to use at home. Their is almost no excuse not to use this app/website. It's quick and simple to learn.

I have created an example of how you can learn to eat healthier through using a food journal like this. I have compared 2 breakfast options that will show you the drastic difference in fat, calories, carbs, and protein just by making some easy changes. I encourage you to play around with this and to always make sure you log EVERYTHING you eat and drink.

For those of you that need more accountability and extra help getting and staying on track, please feel free to contact me. I am currently looking to take on a couple of clients and would love to help you learn how to live a healthy lifestyle. I realize hiring a trainer can be costly, but it is worth it to learn how to live healthy and improve your quality of life. Email me at Be sure to ask me about prepaying for multiple sessions for a lower rate.

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