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Monday, February 11, 2013

Majority rules

I'm gonna go ahead and let you off the hook here. Nobody's perfect. Sometimes you're going to get it wrong. Sometimes you're going to let impulse win. Sometimes you're going make bad decisions. We are human. It happens to us all.

Here's the's ok to mess up! We learn from fitness mistakes just the same as we learn from ANY of life's mistakes. We learn that when we don't eat fried food, we feel better. Then we have a moment of weakness and pig out on a cheeseburger and fries and feel bogged down, tired, and even just plain sick. We may repeat this weak moment, remembering every time how nasty it makes us feel afterwards. Eventually that sick feeling dictates future weak moments, and you DON'T pig out on that fried food because you hate how sick it makes you feel. Instead, you opt for a grilled chicken sandwich and a cup of soup, and feel a sense of pride because you've finally made it around the learning curve.

When we make healthy choices the majority of the time, majority rules. Majority takes over. Majority wins. I'm not giving you the "ok" to make poor choices based on my point here. I'm giving you something to think about and pay attention to. And I'm, hopefully, giving you a little relief in knowing that it's ok to screw up sometimes. We all do.

The same applies to exercise. When you stick to a regular exercise program, and skip a normal WILL have negative feelings. You will be overwhelmed with guilt. You will have no excuses. You will feel like working twice as hard tomorrow. Your body will be yelling at you for taking a day off. And eventually you will think twice before skipping workouts because "majority rules".

Hopefully this gets you thinking the next time you get something wrong. Hopefully the guilt and the negative feelings that come along with poor choices help us all to stay on track the next time we are tempted. And hopefully you are making healthy living the majority in your own life, so that it CAN rule.

Stay focused and make more good decisions than bad, and eventually you will see that majority really does rule!

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