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Tuesday, February 26, 2013


As a woman, I know we tend to become obsessed with the number on the scales or what size jeans we wear. We want to be all teeny tiny and feel like that's the picture of health, but it's not.

Have you ever felt like you like how you look in the mirror one day, but you go from the mirror to the scales only to find a number that makes you frustrated? How can this be? I felt like I looked thinner today!

I used to be obsessed with the number on the scale and what size my pants were. It's exhausting! It's hard not to have a number in your head that makes you happy. But what if you're shedding muscle just to satisfy that goal? What if you're body fat percentage is higher just because you're chasing after a size 2?

Have you ever looked at a weight chart? Have you noticed there is about a 30 pound range from the low end to the high end of your healthy weight range? Why? Because it's a target. Have you ever looked at a body fat chart? And did you notice that weight charts try to steer you away from being under weight, while body fat charts encourage you to be lean?

When we focus on melting off the pounds, we risk muscle loss. And although you may be happy with that number on the scales or what pant size you made it to, how do you feel when you look in the mirror? What does your reflection say about your lean muscle mass? How comfortable are you in a swim suit? That number you worked so hard to get to could be working against you. Your reflection says a whole lot more about your fitness and health than that number does. Having a weight range is not a bad thing. It is a good guide to use and helpful in keeping track of progress. We can't just be careless about what we weigh. It does matter. But it's a target. It's a guide.

If you are within a healthy weight range, feel confident with your reflection, aren't afraid to be seen in a bathing suit, and feel healthy and fit, you're doing it right. You're focus is on the things that matter. If you were a body builder or a competitive athlete, or a model, or whatever, your numbers would matter. But what SHOULD matter is your health, fitness, and confidence.

Take some of the pressure off yourself to look like the girl in the Hardee's commercial (I hate that commercial!). Stop trying to drop 10 pounds per week. All it does is jeopardize muscle. If you're concern is with a number, you're going to have a lot harder time being healthy. Your concern should be your health. And your reflection is a great way to tell where you're at. If you see cellulite and flab, losing pounds isn't the single solution. You can be at the lowest end of the weight chart and still have that. You have to work toward the fitness. Eat healthy. Exercise regularly. The rest will happen naturally. You will soon be very satisfied with that reflection if you do it right.

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