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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Make a mess

When you hit the treadmill at the gym, are you on your phone the whole time, or carrying on a lengthy conversation with your workout buddy? Are you walking slow enough that you can actually read a book? Do you get all fixed up and come out looking just as good as you did when you went in? Do you do more standing around chatting, than you do working out? If you're saying "yes" to these, you're doing it wrong.

If you don't come out of the gym looking like a bit of a mess, you're not working hard enough. If you want to see extreme results from the time you put in, make that time count. Here's a good test to make sure you're heart rate is up where you need it to be..... If you can speak in short 2-3 word sentences, you are at your target heart rate. This will change as you train. You will have to increase intensity occasionally, as you adapt to your workouts. If you can speak in full sentences and carry on a complete conversation with no trouble at all, it's time to kick it up a notch.

If you want real results, you have to do real work. Light, easy walking and light, easy weight training is appropriate for beginners that need to set a foundation, but eventually you have to get busy. Eventually you're going to have to push harder. If your workout is easy, you need to work harder. If you come out feeling just a little bit damp instead of sweaty, you need to work harder. If you spend more time socializing then working out, you need to work harder. If you still look good when you're done, you need to work harder.

If you're putting in your time and not seeing changes, evaluate your efforts. Take note of what's really going on when you're doing your workout. What we eat matters as well. If you're working super hard, then you throw down a quarter pounder and large fry, you're not going to get the body you want. Inconsistency is also an issue. You have to have and stick to a regular routine. If you are working out one or two days a week on occasion and eating junk, why even bother? And how can you get upset for not seeing results when you're making a half hearted effort and only some of the time?

When people do what they call "work", but do it all wrong, and don't see the changes they want to see, they give up. Change takes time. Be patient, eat right, work hard, and don't stop. It pays off. Make sure you eat enough. Make sure you eat the right things. Make sure you cheat a little and recover properly. Stay focused and consistent and the changes will come.

Again, if you need advice or help at all, always email me. I want you to succeed!!

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