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Friday, February 8, 2013

Get to WORK

No matter where you are in your health and fitness journey, you are most likely bombarded with information on all the newest fads. You see ad after ad on the newest and greatest "must have" workout, diet plan, or lists of all of the things you're doing wrong. Do this to get a flat tummy, do this to get the best butt, do this to lose 20 pounds in 14 days, etc.... It's exhausting and leaves you so overwhelmed that you don't know WHAT to do.

If you are faced with an overwhelming amount of weight to lose and have a busy life (like most of us), it's easy to look for the easy way out. We live in a society that demands immediate satisfaction. We are impatient people by nature. Add the "hurry up" mind set we have all fallen victim to, and our impatience is magnified. And to add even more fuel to that fire, the media and marketing agencies play on that and feed us with the need for convenience.

Here's the reality. The real secret to health and fitness success. The number one thing you can't live without to get the results you want. I can some it up in one word......"work". Yes, that's takes hard, consistent, focused, determined work to get results that matter. The kind of results that last.

I'm not telling you that information is a bad thing. I encourage you to get online and find workouts that push you and are fun for you to do, or buy a new workout DVD. Read blogs and inspiring stories to help you stay motivated. Watch the biggest loser or extreme makeover. Whatever helps you stay focused, do it. What I'm saying is that there is no magic granual that you can sprinkle on your French Fries, or drop you can stick under your tongue, that will give you permanent results. There are going to be a handful of success stories associated with those products, but the failure rates are out of this world. They're cop outs. They don't last.

I've said it before, your goal should be fitness and improved health. The smaller waist line is a benefit that comes with the healthy living. When we focus our attention on the things that matter, that's when we get permanent results. That's when change happens.

When you watch those shows like Biggest Loser, those people are WORKING! They're throwing up, passing out, eating clean, giving it all they have, and pushing themselves to change. They're not half heartedly going through the motions of walking on a treadmill for 30 minutes every other day. They're doing their WORK.

Now here's the good news..... Although living a healthy lifestyle is something that you have to do every single day, it does get easier when done right. If you can figure out what motivates you, can be your own boss and never let yourself have the option to stop, and can find healthy foods and fun workouts that you enjoy, it gets easier. It gets easier because you're not arguing with yourself anymore. There is no option. You just do it. The new way of life is now a habit that doesn't leave you with that conversation you have with yourself that has you trying to convince yourself that it's ok to eat drive through everyday for lunch because you're a busy person. The new habit doesn't give you those options. The new habit takes charge of your decisions so that you no longer have a battle of wills within your own mind. And you NEVER say the words "I've gotta get back into it" because you're NEVER "out of it" again.....

Go ahead and just get it in your head that if you want to be thinner, you're gonna have to be healthier. And if you're gonna get healthier, you're gonna have to get fit. And if you're gonna get fit, you're gonna have to WORK. And no one can't stop you, but you.

I absolutely love a success story. Keep a log of your journey. Blog about it. Write it in a journal. Share it with others to motivate them, or keep it for yourself to remind you of what you don't want. It's a great tool to keep you on track. Logging your progress is very beneficial. A year from now, look back at how far you've come, and think about how your story could inspire others. You can do this!! Today is the day!! Lets get to WORK!!

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