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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Healthy competition

Everyone is born with a bit of a competitive spirit. It's stronger in some than it is in others. Some seem to ignore or deny it, but I believe we all have it.

We naturally compare ourselves to others in many ways. Who drives the better car, has the better job, better house, better television, better whatever..... This is where competition is wasted. What if you took that energy and put it to good use? What if you put it toward a healthy type of competition? Something more beneficial that would result in making you a better YOU?

Society makes it easy to get caught up in unhealthy competition. There's always pressure to keep up with the things that really don't matter. It's exhausting! Think about trying to shift that energy into a healthier type of competition.

Everyone wants to be healthy and fit. We all want it. Where you go wrong is when you try to compare yourself to others that are far more advanced in their journey than you are. You want to go from 40 pounds overweight to healthy and fit overnight. You set yourself up for failure because your focus is not in the right place. Your focus isn't on YOU.

When it comes to sports or races or things that ARE a competition, you train and compete to be better than the rest. And that's awesome. But when you are trying to become a better, healthier, more fit YOU, it's time to train to be a better version of YOU. It's time to push yourself past your own comfort zone and focus on a healthy type of competition. It's great to have a person to help inspire, push, and motivate you. I encourage anyone to put themselves in situations that make you want to be better. Just be careful about how you do it and how far you push yourself. You need challenges to make changes. Just make sure you're taking on things that challenge YOU and make YOU better. Focus on being better than you were yesterday. I don't want to deliver my message wrong. I am not saying it is unhealthy to compete with others. I am saying that it is important to keep a healthy attitude about it and always compete with yourself before you worry about anyone else.

There is a time for competing to be better than the rest. And I encourage you to do so. Just don't make the mistake of trying to compare yourself to others. Because as long as you are making yourself better than you used to be, you're a winner. And as long as your competitive spirit is leading you to be a better you, you're a winner. Don't waste your competitive spirit on the things that don't matter. Don't waste your energy on trying to be someone else. Put it to good use and see what happens.

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