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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Make sure you recharge

Rest is an important part of healthy living. We wake up to responsibilities day after day. Knowing vacation is coming up, or a three day weekend, or a holiday, helps keep us going.

My favorite vacations involve crashing in the sand at the beach for a few days. I don't care if I eat or see one new thing while I'm there. Just give me a beach towel and some water and I'm happy. I always come home feeling recharged and ready to go again.

We all have such busy lifestyles. It is so hard to take time to rest. My family has been working on slowing our lives down and it's amazing how much more rested we feel. But still you have to take time to decompress from the demands life puts on you daily.

I am bad about going hard until I crash and have to take a rest I wasn't planning on. Then I feel very frustrated because I'm down. So this is for me too! Pick a day each week to let yourself rest. Listen to your body when it tells you it's wiped out. Go easy on yourself when those days come. Something easier said than done for me.....

We expect a lot of ourselves and rest makes me feel like a lazy butt. I fail in this area. Bad! And I beat myself up when I DO have to rest. When I'm at the beach, I leave my responsibilities at home. So it's easier for me there. But I need to learn to work this into my regular routine. We all do.

Give yourself permission to take a break and recharge. Your mind and body will thank you for it and you will come out stronger and more motivated.

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