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Monday, November 19, 2012

Bad habits

When I was writing my blog yesterday, I started thinking of this list of bad habits that I am guilty of, along with some that I've witnessed among others. Do any of these sound like you? Are there any habits listed here that you didn't even realize you have? Are there any that you could add to this list? Think about these and pay attention to your own habits and ask yourself what you can do to avoid these mistakes.

Using unhealthy snacks to satisfy hunger
Eating anything other than salad before your meal
Eating off of others plates
Having seconds
Eating things directly out of their packaging that isn't packaged in individual servings
Eating meals in front of the TV
Letting yourself go hungry
Grocery shopping on an empty stomach
Not digesting your food before you workout
Using ranch dressing, or other condiments, on EVERYTHING
Rewarding yourself with food
Believing that eating fast food saves time and/or money
Drinking calories
Eating when you're not hungry
Not keeping healthy snacks in the house
Ignoring portions and serving sizes
Skipping breakfast
Justifying bad choices
When "tasting" what you're cooking turns in to eating half a meal before you serve the meal

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