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Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Yep, I said it.."excuses"..... This might hurt a little. Nobody wants to admit that we use small life challenges as excuses. Hey! I can, and have, used them all. "I'm too tired to cook or workout", "it just isn't easy for me", "I don't have time", "my gym clothes are dirty", "I have a blister", "I can't afford to buy healthy foods", "my kids are picky eaters", "I don't think I eat THAT bad", "I hate going to the gym because (insert excuse here)", "I've had kids".......I think you get the point.  Excuses are our way of giving ourselves permission to mess up without feeling guilty, or feeling like we have failed. We are human. We don't like to own our mistakes. We want to point blame anywhere but to ourselves. We want to keep putting off what we know we need to fix. It is so easy to get stuck in this cyle. Then the deeper you dig that hole, the more work you have to do to get yourself back out of it. Let's face it. You don't want to be in that hole, but the thought of trying to get out is just too much work. So you make excuses for staying in the hole. Or you start to climb out of the hole, but as soon as it gets tough, you're right back in it. Deeper than before. It is a vicious cycle. Eventually, you either get so deep in it that you CAN'T get out, own it and do the work it takes to get back up out of that hole. And as long as you never allow yourself to be excused will never end up back in that hole trying to dig your way out. Today I want you to resist the temptation to make excuses for yourself. And when tomorrow comes, I want you to do it all over again. Own the choices you make. Don't look back on them. Don't go down memory lane and dwell on all the "woulda, coulda, shoulda's". Just own them today. Pay attention to them today. You are responible for them. You need to get out of that hole, but it isn't going to happen tomorrow. Don't get distracted by tomorrow. Focus on today. Make new habits that require no excuses. You won't get it right 100% of the time, and that's ok. But by not making excuses for yourself, you won't want get it WRONG 100% of the time. Good luck to you!! If you need my help on a deeper level, contact me by email.

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