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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Have some fun!

Starting an exercise program can sometimes seem like a major chore. But you suck it up and make yourself do it. Half-heartedly, you go through the motions until you eventually burn out. To be successful in your exercise program, you need to keep it fun. Mix it up a little. When you tire of the elliptical, try switching to the row machine or the stair climber. If you hate the thought of using equipment at the gym for your cardio, find a Zumba or aerobics class. Try going for a run or hitting the hills for hill repeats to enjoy the fair weather days and soak up some vitamin D.

A lot of times, it's the monotony of the workout routine that holds you back. If you continue to go back to a program that you dread, the odds of success are not in your favor. Don't let burn out get you down. You can overcome it with change. If you learn to make your workouts fun, you have a far better chance of looking forward to it during the day, and even find yourself missing it on your rest days.

Find a workout buddy that has similar interests. Experiment with as many different forms of exercise as you can. Go the the park and play with your kids. Swing on the swing set, push the merry-go-round, cross the monkey bars, chase the dog.....just have fun and get your heart rate up.

When I start feeling burned out, I notice that if I take a few days to rest, I feel deprived of the exercise program and feel anxious to go back to it. Sometimes it's not the specific program that burns you out, but just a feeling of exhaustion and being run down. Learn to tell the difference.

If you need suggestions or help finding a successful program that you love, look forward to, and can have fun doing, feel free to reach out to me for guidance and ideas. Don't give up. There is a right fit for you. You just need to explore all of the possibilities. Figure out what you enjoy. I know you can find something that leaves you feeling great and improved and keeps your attention.

Just remember.....HAVE SOME FUN!!

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  1. Perfect Advice Timing! December is a Taebo video exercise month for me with it too dark after working hours.