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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Size and shape

I read a quote somewhere that said something like this...."how many calories you eat determines your size, the kind of food you eat determines your shape". This stuck with me because I know it to be very true. I talk a lot about how we, especially us girls, desire to be a certain weight. And that no matter how hard it is for us to accept, fitness is not about a number on the scales. That number is just a sort of gauge that does not say all there is to say and doesn't define your fitness level.

I will always be hitting on this subject because it's something we all need constantly reminded of. If your goals are to be skinny, you will fail at being healthy and fit. I understand the lengths a person has to go to in order to be skinny. All skinny is saying about you is that you look good in clothes and that you restrict calories to an unhealthy level. Being skinny is not good for you if it is being forced. Being skinnier isn't making you healthier.

Every girl sees actresses in movies and feels like they want to look that way. It's how we're programmed. It's what we have been fed by the media. It's what we have been programmed to believe is pretty. So many women have a mindset of not wanting to look "bulky". Why? What part of having a low body fat percentage is such a turn off to you? What part of being healthy do you dislike? The reality is, we are women. Just like supermodels who have been air brushed and gone on starvation diets before a photo shoot, body builders go to different extremes. When you aim to and become skinny, you still don't look like the pictures you see in a magazine. The same goes for being fit. When you achieve a low body fat percentage, you don't look like the pictures you see either.

Whether you are over or under what is considered a "healthy weight" for your body type, I'd like you to look in a mirror (with little to no clothing on) and ask yourself this...."do I like what I see and how I feel? And why or why not?" Be honest. What would you change?

If you are eating junk, whether you exercise or not, you will not very likely be satisfied with what you see or how you feel no matter how much you weigh or what size pants you wear. Think about this..... Unless you're getting a new drivers license or checking in with your doctor, nobody will ever even know how much you weigh.... And who's paying attention to what size pants you're buying? Who cares? Why do you care so much about what you look like when you're covered up in clothing? Because of the media! That's why. Because you have been trained to believe what you should look like in skinny jeans by advertising agencies. That's why.

When we finally stop trying to be someone else, and embrace and enhance our own bodies, change starts to happen. When it's no longer about being skinny, weighing a certain weight, or wearing a certain size, but rather about being fit and healthy, that's when you succeed. Fitness is a realistic goal. When you eat the right foods and exercise appropriately, you become the best you that you can be. You become the healthiest you that you can be. It is important to pay attention to your weight and how many calories you consume to help guide you to your healthiest self. But if you're hungry, eat! Just make sure you're eating things that will determine your shape. Not just your size. Choose healthy fats, whole grains, nuts, fruits, veggies, lean meats, etc. When you feel hungry, grab an apple and some string cheese. Don't go for potato chips or snack cakes, or even just nothing at all. The idea is to encourage muscle growth. Don't be afraid to be strong (girls).

I'm going to post a picture I found online that really makes my point better than any words I could type in this blog. This picture shows that the number on the scales should never scare you into starvation and that that number does NOT define your level of fitness. I hope that no matter what you weigh, you take to heart the reality of what I'm saying. You can be fat fat or skinny fat, or you can just be fit. What would you rather be?


  1. An apple and string cheese is exactly what I had for a snack yesterday! :) I saw a woman at the Y last night who had on a shirt that said "Strong is the new skinny." She had some serious arms on her! :)

    1. An apple and string cheese is a perfect snack. Apples are full of fiber that helps you feel full, and string cheese is a great source of protein. I love the "strong is the new skinny" quote! I agree! It is far more realistic to achieve and maintain strong, and it feels great!Sounds like you're doing all the right things, Erin. Keep it up!!