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Monday, March 25, 2013

Will you?

I don't know about you, but I am so over this weather. My daughter and her cousin wrote a parody to Taylor Swift's song "we are never ever getting back together" called "I will never ever understand this weather". Even our kids are sick of it. I know we have had a pretty mild winter, but it's a long one. We have gone from a drought, to this..... I just want to get outside and run! Normally, I don't let weather keep me inside. But I'm protesting. I quit. I give up. I can't take anymore. I'm ready to break out the flip flops and running shorts. I don't have a point. I'm just complaining. This is the time of year that usually gets me to take my workouts indoors. I'm not a fan of being indoors. So that's all...I'm just whining......

Enough about that. I was thinking this morning, about how much goals change our mindset. I know I've written about setting goals before. We all know how important it is to have them. We all know how they keep us going and give us something to work for. But I was thinking specifically about how our thought process changes when we have a goal.

Think about what goals you have set for yourself, and how it affects your thinking. Here's my personal experience and observation.

When I set a goal to run a marathon, my mind becomes focused on how my choices affect my goal and my training. When I'm training, I know how a glass of wine or a heavy meal will affect my long Saturday morning training run, so I opt out. I know that if I have a big piece of sugary cake or a salad, I'm going to crash on my run the next day. I also know that if I carb up properly, hydrate properly, and skip the greasy fried foods and sweets, I'm going to feel a whole lot better and enjoy training a whole lot more.

When we have a goal, we want to be able to accomplish it. We don't want fail. And most likely, you have what it takes if you do all the right things. If you want to run a 5k, you can run a 5k. Or maybe you walk it. Whatever. My point is....if you're willing to do the work, you will accomplish the goal.

So many times you hear people say they just can't lose weight. No matter what they do, they just can't lose it. I don't believe that. I do believe it is harder for some people. I do know that we are genetically different and that plays a big role in our abilities. But I also believe that when we set goals that are realistic for our own selves, that is when we succeed. But if you don't do the work it takes for you personally, then you won't ever make it to your goal. Just because its harder for you, doesn't mean it can't be done. And maybe it's not harder. Maybe you just don't want to work that hard. We are Americans. We have become a lazy nation. We are spoiled. We want what we want without having to work at it.

Sometimes we set a goal and don't do the work and find all kinds of things to blame our failure on, but we don't want to own up to the fact that we just didn't try hard enough. "Practice makes perfect". If you want to be healthy and fit, you have to live that way. You're choices have to revolve around your goal. Your mindset has to change. You can't continue doing the same old thing and expect to see change.

When we start training toward something, the first thing we need to train is our brain. If you want to be able to walk 6 miles, you have to start with your brain. Your mind will quit you long before your body ever will. You have to believe that you're capable of what you want accomplish. You have to learn to make the right choices that help you meet that goal. You have to pay attention to what works for you and what doesn't. And you have to learn from your mistakes.

It's going to take time. It won't happen today. That's what makes it so good for you. You have to stay focused and allow yourself time to get to where you want to be. Whatever you goal is, believe that you can accomplish it. It's not about "can you?" It's about "will you?"

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