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Friday, March 15, 2013

Press on

It's been a week since I last posted. I have not had the best week, but let's keep moving forward and overcome the hard times.

I was complaining to my husband on the way to Wichita for a funeral, while eating fast food in the car, about how horrible I feel eating junk. He said to me "that's ok, just get back on it". My reply, "I'm not off it". I think he thought I was being rude, because my response was very quick and matter of fact, but he knows me well enough to know what I meant.

When you are committed to living a healthy lifestyle, you're still going to have seasons of struggle. Life will get in the way and interrupt all of your plans and you don't even care, in those moments, about your fitness. Sometimes other things just become more important than thinking about finding healthy foods quickly and getting a workout in.

When you find yourself in a rough patch, it is ok to just do what you have to do. But it's important not to use that rough patch as an excuse when it has passed. When it has passed, it's time to press on. Continue life as you knew it before you were interrupted.

In my opinion, there is a difference in being "off it" and being interrupted. Interruptions will happen. I also believe that they need to be valid interruptions to be considered interruptions. But whatever gets in your way, plow past it. Never let it get ahold of you and destroy everything you have worked so hard for.

I hope I'm making sense because I know what I'm saying.... I've heard people say so many things about why they can't get on a program. They're always real things, but not usually very valid excuses. We all have lives. We all have struggles. We all are busy. We all have the same problems, just in different forms. I can sit here and list all of mine out for you, but what good would that be?

My point is, keep working through it. Keep pressing on. Show the hard times who's boss. If you get interrupted, let it be nothing more than that. Don't let the interruptions win. It's your life and you get to choose how to respond.

Are you going to give struggles the satisfaction of getting in your way? Or are you going to stop talking about them and keep moving? Do you realize how effective negative energy can be in exercise? Do you realize how good it feels to workout stress and sadness? And how therapeutic it is? Exercise will work through those feelings faster than ANYTHING.

My advice to you today, based on my own experiences and life, is to press on. Let interruptions be nothing more than that. Take control and quit talking about your problems. You're only letting them define you. I want to be defined by the strength I have to press on. Not by my life's struggles. Nobody has a perfect situation, so stop waiting for yours. It doesn't exist. Everyone has struggles, so stop relying on yours as excuses. Press on. The choice is yours. What's it going to be?

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