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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Weight loss

What's the main reason you start an exercise and healthy eating regimen? To lose weight......

If you are always on a new diet and starting to workout (again), you will stay on that same roller coaster forever. Or at least until you change your motives.

People that have gotten out of shape and have become overweight, tend to focus solely on the pounds and the quickest way to shed them. I understand why that would be the focus, and how hard it is to NOT let that be the motive. But I know that diets don't work, and weight loss should never be the motive.

When you haven't been active or eating healthy, and you start on one of your latest weight loss journeys, the sudden change in habit will have weight peeling off you for a few weeks. Once your body is able to figure out how to defend itself against the new demands, that weight loss will slow way down and leave you feeling discouraged. Eventually, most people get frustrated and give up.

Did you know that a lot of fitness professionals don't ever weigh themselves? And did you know that fit people weigh more than you would guess by looking at them? That's because the focus is on losing fat and gaining muscle. It's on being fit, feeling, and looking good. When your goal is to be fit, feel, and look good, you have to eat foods to fuel you through your workouts and promote fat loss. The goal isn't to starve your body skinny. The goal is to feed your body healthy and fit.

Your body wants to be cared for. It wants to be fueled with healthy foods that give it what it needs to perform for you. It wants to shed fat and hang onto muscle.

If you are caring for a plant, you want it to look beautiful. What makes it look beautiful is proper nutrition. What you feed it is reflected through its beauty. The care you give it is reflected through its beauty. When you want it to look better, you give it more nutrients. You don't rob it of them. You don't deprive it of what it needs to make it a healthy and beautiful plant. Your body is the same way. When you start depriving your body of the proper nutrition, you deprive it of its ability to look beautiful for you.

I understand that not everyone is a fitness junkie. I understand that not everyone wants to continue educating themselves on healthy living or workouts. I understand that some people only do it because they want the results or because the doctor told them to. I understand that we can't all be in love with the same things. But one thing we all have in common is the desire to live a quality life. And we accomplish that by taking care of ourselves. And we start that by focusing on nutrition. If you're working in the gym for an hour + each day and eating junk, you're not going to get the results you're looking for. You're not going to feel good. You're not going to be toning the way you expected. And the fat loss isn't going to be what you were hoping for. You're diet is the key to your success. "Change happens in the kitchen".

So, to wrap it up.... For successful healthy living, let's change our focus to just that. "Healthy living!" Let's focus on how to help our bodies give us the results we are looking for. Let's give it the proper tools to work for us. Let's make it beautiful on the outside by nourishing it on the inside. Let's stop obsessing over weight loss and start working on fat loss. We need that muscle to function, and we need it to burn the fat! It's time to stop getting frustrated over diet failures because the reason you fail is that your bodies aren't being given the proper tools. Nourish yourself to success. It's the only way to get to where you want to be. It's what your body wants, needs, and deserves.

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