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Monday, December 3, 2012

Starting Over

I have a burden for people who struggle with fitness and will power. I hate it for them that it's so hard to do what they need to do to get to where they want and need to be. I feel for those who have a long way to go and find themselves overwhelmed by the thought of tackling the dreaded task of starting all over.

I'm a naturally self disciplined, strong willed person. When that little voice inside my head doubts my abilities, I want to prove it wrong. I also don't like to drag things out. I'm this way with everything, especially the things that I really don't want to have to do. When I have a dreaded task, I just want to be done with it. I want to be done and stay on top of it so that I don't have to start all over. I don't want to do chores, I want to play! And I won't lie....I do like the sense of pride I feel when I accomplish my goals.

It's helpful to find what it is inside you that motivates you and use it to your advantage. Use it to not only get you to your goal, but also to keep you there. Think about the chores you face in life that wouldn't get done if you didn't do them. Things that you have no choice of whether to do them or not. Get to know yourself. Learn this about yourself and use it.

There has to be something that makes you get out of bed in the morning, get the laundry done, keep the lawn mowed, groceries bought, bills paid, dog fed, something that makes you get to work and get there on time and do your job well......

Learn what it is that keeps you on top of your responsibilities and find ways to use those things to keep you committed to your health and fitness plan. As I mentioned in the beginning of my blog here today, I have a burden for those that struggle in this area. If this isn't an issue for you, find a way to inspire those that DO have this issue. Tell your own story. Share with others about what keeps you motivated and on track.

If you have a story on this issue that you would like me to post to help others find their motivation, please email me at

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