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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Find what you love

I may be naive in thinking this, but I have a hard time believing that we can't all find some form of exercise that we really enjoy. I think it's all about variety and attitude. Mind over matter. So many people have a negative attitude about exercise, but I believe this is a result of not finding something you enjoy.

Usually people have a certain routine that they like to stick to. It probably gets the job done. It probably gets you the results you're looking for. At least for awhile. It's like a comfort zone. You probably have it pretty perfected by now. You know what you're doing and feel pretty confident when doing it.

Let's talk about why variety is so important in fitness...... For starters, it is so boring to do the same thing every single time! You may be pumped in the beginning and give it all you've got, but then you grow tired of it and stop pushing yourself so hard, dread the workout, and eventually just stop doing it at all. In addition to the mental staleness you experience with monotony, your body will begin to experience something very similar. It will catch on to what you're doing after about 3-4 weeks of a routine. You will see changes during this time, but after 3-4 weeks, changes slow down or even stop when our bodies have adapted to the routine. This is one of the things you can blame the plateau on. After this time period, if you don't add intensity in some way, you will stop seeing progress.

Having said all of that, it is most important to enjoy what you're doing if you intend on having success. If you hate to run, but you always associate running with exercise and never venture out and try new things, you're most likely not going to stick with it for the long haul. If your idea of a workout is going to the gym and using the nautilus equipment, and you dread it every single time, the odds of keeping it up are not in your favor.... Don't allow yourself to become stagnant. Don't allow yourself to become bored. Don't allow yourself to be afraid of trying something new.

I have heard a lot of people say "I've always wanted to run, but I just can't". I don't believe that. You may be in no shape to go on a 3 mile run today, but with the right training and right frame of mind, I'm sure you can meet that goal. Find a passion. Something you've always wanted to learn. Something you've always wanted to try or master. I encourage you to set a goal and work toward it. You will have speed bumps. There will be challenges. But stay focused and accomplish that goal. No one can stop you, but you.

If you are tired of your routine, go to workout program, ask yourself what type of goal you would like to set. What do you want to learn to do? But don't stop there. Don't get stuck in monotony. Variety is very important mentally and physically in exercise. Mix it up. Keep it interesting and fun. Learn to make changes when you get bored so that you keep moving forward. Find a friend that is in similar physical condition and conquer a goal together. Whatever you do, have a good time! Quit turning to the boring routine that doesn't motivate you. You will see amazing changes when you learn to enjoy your exercise and look forward to it.

Today is the day to start! Good luck to you with your goals!! Have fun!!

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