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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Save Some Tricks

When you make a lifestyle change, the initial motivator is usually weight loss. We have an image in our head of what we want to look like, or a number we want to see on the scales, or a pair of jeans we want be able to wear again one day.

Goals are important in keeping us motivated. It's a good idea to have goals stored up so that you never stop focusing. They keep us from failing. Maybe you want to be a certain dress size, and after that learn to run, and after that learn to run a 5k.... You have to "keep the dream alive".

What I wanted to hit on today, is that it is important not to use up all of your tricks in the beginning. When your journey begins, you're usually very motivated and impatient. The problem with diving in, instead of slowly sinking in, is that when you hit the plateau, you have nowhere to go.

We find success when we get outside of our comfort zone. When you are training, your body adapts. It begins to settle in. This takes about four weeks. You will begin to see your weight loss slow down, your exercise routine will get easier, and those sore muscles will have disappeared.

The same is true for dieting. When you start a weight loss journey by just eliminating or extremely restricting all of one thing, your body adapts.

When your body catches on to the changes you are making, it starts to accommodate the changes in defense. About every 4 weeks, you have to make adjustments to trick your body again.

If you start your weight loss journey with a very extreme diet and exercise routine, you leave yourself with no place to go when your body catches onto what you are doing. When you hit the dreaded plateau, you are almost forced to quit. I mean you're doing all of this work and nothing is happening, so why keep going, right?

If you are just starting out, keep this in mind. Don't be in a rush. Try to be patient and take your time to avoid hitting that plateau. Ease into it so that you leave yourself with options. When the exercise routine gets too easy, add intensity. When the weight loss stops, lower your carb intake and up your protein intake. Leave yourself room to keep going. Don't set yourself up for failure.

I hope this all makes sense. If you have questions, please email me and I will help in anyway I can.

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