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Monday, December 17, 2012

Curve balls

Life throws us curve balls. One right after the other, so it sometimes seems. How do you let it affect you? How do you react?

So many times, you get on a program and you're diligently sticking to it for a good period of time, when, from out of nowhere, life throws something unexpected at you. Maybe you are injured or ill and have to take a rest. Maybe you have some sort of major stress that steels you away. Maybe you get extremely swamped with something and just can't stay on track. It happens to us all. And the natural response to something so drastic, is to become paralyzed by it. And sometimes that's necessary. Sometimes you have no choice.

When something comes at you in this way, what's your reaction? When you have to take a break from your fitness program, do you just throw in the towel on the health plan as well? Do you give up completely? When stress gets the best of you and you begin to revisit some of your old bad eating habits, do you still make yourself get out there and burn off those calories? Try to stay on top of it so that all of the hard work isn't a total loss?

It is hard to get back in the swing of a routine that takes work and discipline when you are struggling with something. It is hard to stick with it when life isn't going so smooth and you are overwhelmed.

When life throws you a curve ball, you need to do your best not to give yourself permission to just give up all together. You need to hold on to those results from all of the hard work you put in. Those results you earned. And when life throws something at you that steals your focus, you need to not let it win.

We are going to get off track sometimes. We are going to mess up. Get distracted. Backslide. It's all part of the challenge of living a healthy lifestyle. You do your best and don't let it control you. And when you DO have to take a break from exercise for whatever reason, or feel too overwhelmed to continue pushing yourself due to certain circumstances, you need to work through it and get back at right away.

If we can learn how to work through our struggles, we have a far better chance of success. If we can keep going and never give up, even when life throws a speed bump in front of us, we have a much better chance of success. When you get off track, it's important to try your best to maintain what's already been accomplished, so that when the time of struggle passes, you are picking up where you left off.

Nobody likes to start over, so never give up!

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