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Friday, July 12, 2013


Dedicated to my friend, Princess, as she prepares to run her first half marathon this Sunday. I'm so so proud of you, P!

Some days our mind shows up and our body doesn't. Some days our body shows up and our mind doesn't. When we're lucky, we get to experience the less frequent times that both mind and body show up. But what I live for are those days that my spirit shows up. It's those days that it doesn't matter how fast you run or what the conditions are like. It doesn't matter what your abilities are or how hard you've trained. You just run with a smile on your face and an attitude that can not be crushed, no matter the challenges you face. 

I think about the amputee, mentally/physically challenged, cancer fighting, disease stricken, and all other challenged athletes there are in the world, and about how inspiring it is to hear about them and watch them perform without allowing their limitations to keep them from their dreams. Their abilities don't move them. Their minds don't move them. They are moved by something much bigger. Their spirit. 

Today I want us all to get out of our own way. Make a conscious decision to fill your mind with positive thoughts. Don't allow the negativity and doubt to decide your outcome. Maybe things haven't happened as you planned. Maybe you're not down the 20 pounds you hoped to be by now. Maybe you don't run as fast as you want to. Maybe you haven't been able to train for that race the way you planned to. Change how you speak about it. Change how you think about it. Don't let your own mind destroy your spirit. Move out of the way of it and do the best you can, and be ok with it. Be proud of yourself for persevering, because you should be. And most important...embrace and enjoy the journey and never ever give up!

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