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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Don't be fooled

I'm gonna go ahead and just tell you now that if you're going to "cheat" on your eating plan, don't waste your time with fat free, low fat, low carb, sugar free, or any other "diet" food. 

Unclean foods are not good for us, but the added chemicals in foods that are pretending to be better for you are just as bad, if not worse, than just going ahead and splurging on the regular unclean version of whatever it is you're reaching for. The truth is, it's easier to justify that chocolate chip cookie when it's sugar free, but the sugar free isn't doing you any favors. When we justify these foods, we eat more of them and we fall into the belief that "veggie chips" are healthy, or baked chips are good for you. 

If "diet" foods are a regular part of your diet, you're most likely going to lose weight, but you're doing absolutely nothing for your overall health. The weight you lose will not be coming off at a healthy rate, and when you get to your goal weight it's not likely to stay off. 

The chemicals that are used in processed foods, diet or otherwise, are not easily digested. This is why it is said that abs are made in the kitchen. Those processed foods are going to hang out in your digestive track way longer than they should, leaving you looking and feeling pudgy around the middle. So, if your weight loss attempts leave you with left over belly fat, that's the reason. 

If you truly want to live healthy and get fit, you have to rely on nature's foods. I am always open and honest about my love for food and the fact that I believe cheating keeps us all sane, but if the majority of your diet isn't clean, you are on the wrong path. 

Don't be fooled by the promises of "diet" foods. Don't restrict calories so that you can continue to eat a fatty diet. Food is our energy, but we need good clean energy. Eating clean foods regularly throughout each day will change you. I encourage you to start today. It's not expensive. It's not boring. It's not difficult. You have no excuse. We all like bad food and its hard for everyone to get started. Your weight loss will be slow. Your body will change fast. Your energy level will increase. Your cravings will subside if you're eating enough. What are you waiting for? Don't be fooled any longer! 

For great recipe ideas, you can check out These are all clean foods. If you can grow it or kill it, eat it. If it has an expiration date, eat it. If it has an acceptable list of ingredients that you can pronounce and identify, eat it. And if you have questions....ask! Google it. Email me. Text me. I'll help however I can. Don't be overwhelmed. Don't over think it. Just learn to enjoy the fact that you CAN lose weight and still feel full and satisfied. Enjoy the journey because its forever. 

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Good luck to you! 

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